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For those who are considering attending sports events as an important part of an incentive trip, they know perfectly how complex the acquisition of tickets can be. In our case, regardless of the event, we always do it with official suppliers. We have attended Formula 1, Moto GP, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, and Rugby races with clients.

There is another type of sporting event that we enjoy organizing, which we have created ourselves. It can be with the clients as protagonists or spectators. In these cases, the possibility of creating is much greater, being able to dine with elite athletes, make motivational talks, practice sport in recognized stadiums or do activities within the complexes to feel, at least for a moment, what these sports stars experienced.

Once again, at Sapphire Private, you will find a partner who will help you live the sport from the place you enjoy it the most, regardless of whether it is inside or outside the stadium, but always with you.

Tel: +44 7427 626 034 | Email: [email protected]

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